Thursday, November 12, 2015

Magic Tricks You Can Do At Home (part 2 of 2)
If you have some friends over for some beer, you can entertain them with the bottle cap trick. Here, you tell them that you can move the bottle cap up the side of the bottle until it is upside down by only using your forefinger until it reaches the top of the bottle and then back down again onto the table.

You perform this trick by pushing the bottle cap to the top of the table making sure that it sits there upside down. You gently roll the bottle top around until it is balanced on the edge so you can get your finger underneath it. To bring it down, you simply the bottle cap over and go the opposite way.

The glassblowing trick can be done with two straight pint glasses. Here, you tell your friends you can make the inner glass come out of the outer glass without touching either of the two glasses. This is accomplished by blowing very hard into the gap between the two glasses and within seconds, the inside glass will pop out.

The Egg trick is something you can do when everything you need is in the kitchen. You will need a shelled hard boiled egg, a box of matches, some paper and a beer bottle. When all of the materials are ready, you set this on the table.

The objective of this trick is to get the egg into the bottle. To do this, you take a piece of paper and set fire to it. Afterwards, you place the burning paper into the bottle. You now place the egg on top of the open bottle and within moments, see the egg get sucked into the bottle.

The magic tricks mentioned are very simple to do. With a little practice, you will be able to do this perfectly even with a larger audience.

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