Thursday, November 12, 2015

Magic Tricks You Can Do At Home (part 1 of 2)

You don’t need high tech props to perform magic tricks. If you look in your pocket or even in your kitchen, all the tools you are there. The only thing to do now is learn how to have fun with them.

The first is called the Everlasting Ash Trick. The objective here is to smoke the cigarette without letting any of the ash fall off. For this, you will need a cigarette and a paper clip.

Before you begin the trick, straighten the paper clip and carefully stick this down to the cigarette as close to the middle as possible. You have to be sure that no one sees the paper clip before performing this trick so that when you light it, no ash will fall off.

Another magic trick you can do with cigarettes is the Bending Cigarette Trick. Here, you tell people you can bend a cigarette stick without breaking it.

What you need for this trick is a cigarette, a lighter and a drink. Now, you dip one end of the cigarette to your drink so at least half a centimeter is wet. You then light the other side and take a big puff. After two seconds, you will be able to bend the cigarette without bending it.

You can win every time you try the Tricky Coin Toss regardless if the other person calls it head or tails. This is because you have another coin tucked under your ring finger so if ever they call heads; you just flip it over and then present this as the coin which you flipped in the air.

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